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Topics of discussion happens, happened to me, I deal with it!

Ampathy - New word, old concept. "But you can't walk a mile in my lack of shoes."

Sweat the small stuff - Sweat the small stuff proportionally - one day your legs may fall off.

Resilience - It can be as simple as ATTITUDE - and that fork in the road


Darwin - It's not the survival of the fittest - it's the adapters that survive (from the coathanger to the bionic arm).

Goals - Don't be blinded by your goals - look at your 'systems' - at the end of the day, you're still left with a chopped onion.

Connection - It's all about 'the village', and how that village has been lost.

7 stages of grief - Don't discount the Kübler-Ross in 7 stages of grief - you use them, more than you realise.

New reality - And, once you have achieved acceptance, embrace your new reality.

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